Privacy & Return Policy

In case for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it. All cases must be made inside 30 days of receipt of goods*. Items must be returned (posted) inside 10 days of claim or no markdown will be yielded. On returns, the customer will be reduced the thing's sticker price and pertinent cost. This rejects any conveyance charges. If a demand or partial demand with our Free Shipping option is returned, we will deduct our genuine dispatching cost from the rebate aggregate. We keep up the benefit to survey returned stock to choose if substitution or modifications are real. Try to evaluate your stock before returning. On the off chance that it's not all that much inconvenience join date of acquisition or receipt/squeezing slip and reason in your claim. No benefits will be recognized without our before endorsement. All benefits must be conveyed paid early, in the thing's one of a kind packaging (or sensible conveyance box - twofold boxed if fragile), and legitimately ensured, no C.O.D. will be recognized. Shipping charges won't be marked down on returned stock.

An order may be cancelled at whatever point before it ships (bars custom solicitations, orders shipping from Germany and solicitations with engraving*). There are no charges for cancelations before transportation. The customer is responsible for all transportation charges for solicitations crossed out after shipment.

Any transportation mischief or potential conveyance damage ought to be represented to us inside 7 business days. If not done all things considered, the buyer acknowledges responsibility for recording a claim with the transporter/shipping association for any transportation hurts.

*Cancellations/Returns for Custom Decorated, Engraved or Special Order Items: Custom ask for, phenomenal demand and scratching demand cancellation must be fit as a fiddle and be made going before the formation of decals, screen printing, shipment from Germany or possibly carving for a full rebate. Custom ask for stores are non-refundable once decal/screen printing era has begun. One of a kind demand stores are non-refundable once things are dispatched from Germany. Sent custom solicitations, remarkable demands and engraved solicitations are non-returnable/non-refundable.

Any transportation damage or potential transportation mischief ought to be represented to us inside 7 business days after movement. If not done all things considered, the buyer acknowledges responsibility for archiving a claim with the conveyor/shipping association for any conveyance hurts. keeps up whatever expert is expected to cross out any demand at whatever time. All stock remains the property of until forked over every single required reserve, down to the last penny.