Journey of Oktoberfest

Journey of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a famous festival that originated in Germany. It celebrates the most popular type of alcoholic beverage in the world-- beer! Germans celebrate Oktoberfest worldwide by drinking beer in large quantities.

Oktoberfest began in 1810 when Bavarian Prince, Prince Ludwig, directed a huge celebration in honor of his marriage to Princess Therese. Beer was literally running through the roads of the Bavaria. The event was so memorable that it has now become a yearly tradition. 

German settlers celebrated Oktoberfest throughout the globe. This widespread celebration has led the festival to the international recognition it has today. The German settlers of America began to observe Halloween from the principal half of the twentieth century. All the states in USA commend this beer celebration with a verve that is comparable to that that of their German partners. This eagerness is what brought on with the foundation of microbreweries in America. From there, real German bottling entered the scene to make the celebration more genuine.

Even though it is called Oktoberfest, the actual celebration begins mid-September onwards. The highlight of the celebration remains the showcasing and drinking of beer and luxurious feasting. However, the fun doesn't stop there! Numerous competitions and amusement programs are held at Oktoberfest. There are a variety of events to enjoy at each and every Oktoberfest!

With such high amounts of beer available at Oktoberfest, one needs something to pour the drinks into! A high quality, eye captivating beer stein.

By drinking from an Oktoberfest beer stein one would be sticking to true German tradition and roots. The steins come with beautifully handcrafted lids to maintain the quality of the beer, and with sturdily designed handles to keep the beer at a proper temperature. Each beer stein has its own story and motifs crafted right into the surface. An authentic beer stein is made in Germany, handcrafted, hand painted, and made to last.